Our range of services

Not only our menu selections are diverse, but also the services we provide!

Each day our customers are offered the choice of different dishes, including a vegetarian meal and an alternative for children of certain faiths (e. g. poultry instead of pork). Desserts can be offered as wished (e. g. uncooked fruit and vegetables, yogurt, fruit, salads, pudding).

  • Daily noon-time delivery to your institution – meals are prepared fresh and gently earlier in the morning
  • Diverse, individually tailored meals according to the standards of the German Society for Nutrition (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung e. V.)
  • Meals for children with allergies and food intolerances, as well as for children of specific faiths
  • Complete breakfast menus and lunchboxes for mealtimes outside your institution
  • Provision of beverages
  • Specials for Children’s Day, Halloween, Martinmas and Christmas
  • Minimal standing times
  • Prompt reaction and unbureaucratic quality management for quick implementation of your suggestions
  • Reduction in administrative effort through online invoicing
  • Provision of serving staff upon request
  • Preparation of meals from fresh ingredients on-site by our own employees, as long as space is available
  • Kitchen management – optimization of the serving area
  • Monitored hygiene and cleanliness
  • Proper disposal of leftover food